Presentation Abstract

Barry Horowitz, PhD

  • Munster Professor, Systems & Information Engineering Department, University of Virginia
  • Barry Horowitz, PhD

    Dr. Barry Horowitz joined UVA’s faculty in 2001, after an industrial career involving the application of systems engineering to the development of complex systems. He served as Chair of the Systems Engineering Department from 2010-2017. Since 2010 he has been leading a DoD sponsored research effort focused on development of embedded security solutions for cyber physical systems, referred to as System Aware Cyber Security.

    This effort has spanned: 1) development of advanced technology solutions (including prototype development projects for automobiles, UAV’s, 3D printers, weapon systems), 2) application of model-based engineering tools to address prioritization of alternative cybersecurity solutions, and 3) human factors experiments addressing operator responses to detected attacks.

    Early in his career he led an FAA-sponsored research activity at the MITRE Corporation that developed a prototype airborne collision avoidance system which served as the basis for what eventually became the currently employed international system for aircraft collision avoidance, TCAS. Also while at MITRE, during Desert Storm, he conceived of and led the integration efforts for a system for tracking and destroying SCUD missile carriers, involving the use of Joint Stars and other sensors. He received the Air Force’s highest award for a civilian as a result of this effort. He has served as CEO of the MITRE Corporation and recently served a two-year term as a Virginia Cybersecurity Commissioner. Dr. Horowitz, a National Academy of Engineering member, has received a PhD and MEE from New York University, and a BEE from the City College of New York.