Presentation Abstract

Cory Casanave

  • President & CEO, Model Driven Solutions
  • Cory Casanave

    Mr. Casanave is an accomplished information technology senior executive with more than 20 years’ experience at all levels of product and application development and management. He is seasoned in researching and developing solutions, products, standards, and methods with intimate, first-hand knowledge of technology evolution as a chief decision maker. As a key collaborator, Mr. Casanave is adept at communicating at all organizational levels, sharing and collecting insights for maximized, collective understanding of critical objectives and effective execution of plans. He is a visionary leader, adept at developing a compelling vision and sharing insights with key contributors to help organizations achieve their vision. With complementary expertise and a track record in project management with hands-on development of cutting-edge products and applications; he is an excellent strategic planner with decisive ability to define processes that affect results positively. Mr. Casanave is a member of the Board of Directors of the OMG.