Presentation Abstract

Nikolai Mansourov, PhD

  • Chief Technical Officer, KDM Analytics
  • Nikolai Mansourov, PhD

    Dr. Nikolai Mansourov, Chief Technical Officer of KDM Analytics, is the key contributor to several Government funded projects in the area of security assurance. Dr. Mansourov is recognized worldwide for his work in the area of automatic code generation and using formal specifications for security engineering. He is one of the first OMG-certified UML Advanced Professionals and a member of the UML2 standardization team. Previously Dr. Mansourov was the Chief Scientist and Chief Architect at Klocwork Inc, where he significantly helped build the company's credibility. Dr. Mansourov also was a department head at the Institute for System Programming, Russian Academy of Sciences, where he was responsible for numerous groundbreaking research projects in advanced software development for industry leaders Nortel Networks and Telelogic, and has 10 years experience teaching Computer Science during his tenure as an Associate Professor at the Moscow State University. Dr. Mansourov received BSc and MSc in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow State University in 1987, and PhD in Computer Science from the Moscow State University in 1993.

    Dr. Mansourov is a frequent speaker as well as member of program committees at various international research forums. He is a Senior Member of the ACM, and a founding member of the World-Wide Institute of Software Architects. His impact on the industry continues through his participation on several standards bodies, including the ITU-T and OMG. Dr. Mansourov is the Chair of the OMG Task Force for the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM) specification, adopted as an ISO/IEC specification 19506.

    Dr. Mansourov has published a book on formal methods, over 50 research papers, including 6 papers in referred journals, 17 papers in refereed conference proceedings and 33 major invited publications and technical reports. He is the author of 4 awarded and 3 pending patents. In 2011 Dr. Mansourov co-authored the book titled "System Assurance: Beyond Detecting Vulnerabilities", included in Master of Software Assurance Course Syllabus at Carnegie Mellon University.