Presentation Abstract

Philippa Hopcroft, PhD

  • Senior Research Fellow, Computer Science, University of Oxford
  • Philippa Hopcroft, PhD

    Dr Philippa Hopcroft is a Senior Research Fellow in Computer Science at the University of Oxford. She completed her PhD at Oxford in 2001, in the area of security protocol analysis. Since then, Philippa has specialised in the development and application of formal verification technologies for improving the development of complex software systems in industry. She has co-invented several new patented technologies in this field, and demonstrated how such approaches can be effectively applied across a number of domains in practice. Following eight years as Head of Research and IP for a Dutch technology company that commercialised this work, Philippa sought to broaden her business experience and took on a business development role at Oxford for two years. She successfully leveraged Oxford research across the science disciplines and established numerous strategic partnerships with multi-nationals in automotive, finance, defence and aerospace.

    Philippa now leads several research projects at the University of Oxford that seek to bring the power of automated verification and code generation to model-based engineering platforms in an accessible way. The motivation for this work is the escalating cost of developing software across industry sectors, and the need for a new generation of technologies to tackle the increasing complexity of modern systems. As such, Philippa collaborates extensively with industry partners on these research projects and develops exploitation routes for the eventual commercialisation of the resulting technology.