Presentation Abstract

Theron Edward Ruff

  • Boeing Associate Technical Fellow - The Boeing Co.
  • Theron Edward Ruff

    Theron is a Boeing Associate Technical Fellow with almost 30 years of experience who has supported and provided technical leadership for programs and projects related to space, defense, and commercial platforms and products. His engineering background has included Systems Engineering, Integration, and Test; Systems Analysis, such as Aeroperformance, Thermal, and Propulsion; and, Modeling & Simulation Development. As a member of Boeing Research & Technology, Theron’s current focus is on developing capabilities and processes related to Model-Based Systems Engineering, especially with regard to integration of various descriptive (e.g., architectural) and analytical (e.g., simulation) models, including the use of Multi-Disciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MDAO). Theron is also serving as the lead engineer for BR&T’s Complex System Analysis Integration group.