Presentation Abstract

Are you in the Mood for Better Simulation Education?

  • Speaker: Olivier Casse - MBSE Consultant
  • When: Day 2 : Monday May 21st
  • Using a modeling tool to formalize and document requirements, trace them is a good starting point, but clearly this is not enough, as indeed one major challenge is to check that we do deliver the correct artefacts out of our models, so several key questions may arise:

    What about verifying and validating them?

    Can SysML tools help to produce industry grade quality specification documents?

    The answer is yes... we’ll see how in this session...

    We will focus on Validation & Verification of models, as this will be all about simulation, or model execution actually, and how Cameo Systems Modeler features can provide a more efficient deployment of your MBSE approach.

    We will cover advanced topics, based on Chapter 5 'Beyond modeling' of the book "SysML in Action with Cameo Systems Modeler".