Presentation Abstract

Bridging the Design Gap from MBSE to Electrical & Electronic Design

  • Speaker: Bob Potock - Zuken Corporation
  • When: Day 2 : Monday May 21st
  • As Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) gains momentum, many companies are exploring ways to incorporate MBSE across their enterprise from PLM to manufacturing. To realize the model in hardware, the model structure and requirements must transition to detailed design. But the path from MBSE to the electrical and electronic (E/E) detailed design is plagued with process gaps.

    This session will look at a methodology to move from the system model to the electrical and electronic detailed design. Bridging from MBSE to detailed design is creating the need for a new class of tools specific to electronic and electrical architecture design. These new architecture design tools are creating a new design phase that insures critical subsystem requirements are met prior to entering detailed design.