Presentation Abstract

Circuit Design Using MBSE

  • Speaker: Alec Jackson - No Magic, Inc.
  • When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 22nd
  • A few statements from System Engineers have been that “Systems Engineers produce paper”, “Systems Engineers produce requirements for domain engineers”, and that “Systems Engineers shouldn’t be involved in design of components”. However, as Model Based Systems Engineering has evolved, new statements have been made such as “Everything is a system.” and as a result “Every engineer is a systems engineer.” (Delligatti 2014). Because of the general evolution of Model Based Engineering across all disciplines, Systems Engineers now can produce architectures instead of requirements, that can and should be used for domain design.

    This presentation will cover an extension of MBSE to guide the development of an Electrical System (an AMV). MBSE with MagicDraw will be leveraged to derive requirements, compose an architecture, and simulate (at a high level) that the design can meet the base requirements. With the PSPICE plugin developed by Tietronix, the architecture is directly imported into an Electronic Circuit Design tool (Multisim) which is used to further simulate and layout the circuit board to be fabricated.