Presentation Abstract

Future Directions for MBSE and SysML v2

  • Speaker: Sanford Friedenthal - MBSE Consultant
  • When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 22nd
  • The practice of systems engineering is continuing to transition to a model-based approach that generates system models to support the specification, design, analysis, and verification of systems. A system model represented in SysML is used to support the architecting of a system and flow down requirements from mission requirements to component requirements. This model must also integrate with other engineering models as part of an overall model-based engineering approach. SysML v1 was introduced over 10 years ago, and the next generation of SysML (v2) is being developed to substantially improve the capability relative to precision, expressiveness, usability, and interoperability. This presentation will highlight how SysML v2 is intended to address the evolving needs of the systems engineering community.