Presentation Abstract

Graph Theoretic Architectural Analysis

  • Speaker: Jeff Vodov, Lead Systems Engineer - MITRE
  • When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 22nd
  • How can organizations and programs across the industry address the combinatorial explosion associated with the analysis of system-of-systems (SoS) alternative architectures?
    Furthermore, how can they prioritize system-of-systems alternative architectures modeled in the System Modeling Language (SysML)?

    In this presentation, we describe a light-weight quantitative approach developed to prioritize SoS alternative architectures modeled in SysML or UML, by applying graph theoretic and network analysis techniques. The resulting Graph Theoretic Architecture Analysis plug-in, developed for Cameo Enterprise Architecture, allows for the rapid analysis of architectural models and does not require detailed information about the components, such as what software the component leverages or what the data rate is for the communication pathway between two components. All metrics implemented are scalable to accommodate for large system-of-systems architectures as all calculations either involve matrix manipulation or researched path finding algorithms. The fact that the plug-in pulls information directly from Cameo models ensures consistency in the architectural representation being analyzed. Currently, there are nineteen metrics that can be calculated from Internal Block Diagrams in SysML. A Cameo profile was created to support the inclusion of multiple different communication methods between two components in the analysis which is then used to create a multi-layer graph.