Presentation Abstract

Merging MBSE With Contractual Needs

  • Speaker: Alejandro Salado, PhD - Virginia Tech
  • When: Day 2 : Monday May 21st
  • Textual requirements form the backbone of contracting in acquisition programs. However, current government reports and academic research show latent problems in acquisition programs stemming from poor practices in requirements engineering. In order to cope with such a challenge, academia and industry envision extending the application of MBSE beyond conceptual design, particularly addressing problem formulation. Two main paths to integrate requirements within a complete MBSE environment are currently pursued. In the first path, major modeling languages, such as SysML, incorporate elements called requirement models, which are intended to model the requirements the system is expected to fulfil. However, the only modeling value of this approach is to achieve traceability between requirements and architectural elements. In the second path, researchers propose to use behavioral models of the system of interest as problem definition elements (requirements). However, the proposition remains positional, since such work has not addressed how to incorporate behavioral models as a contractual mechanism instead of textual requirements. This talk presents a concept to automatically generate contractual requirements in textual form from requirement models in an MBSE environment without loss of information or intent.