Presentation Abstract

Modeling and Testing Dovetail in MagicDraw

  • Speaker: Gregory Solovey - Nokia
  • When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 22nd
  • MBSE has become mainstream. Complementing it with test management and project tracking capabilities would yield a complete solution, where the system verification and implementation progress are seamlessly integrated.

    Maintaining a test repository along with the models dramatically simplifies traceability and test maintenance, improves coverage and, more important, allows to find all implementation errors during the development cycle. The article describes the rationale for integrating modeling and test management tools. The proposed solution supports end-to-end traceability ‒ from requirements to models, further to the testware, and finally to test scripts.

    The symbiosis of architectural and behavioral models presents a comprehensive view of a system. In order to monitor the deployment of new functionality, the solution incorporates the “feature” and “release” concepts, which are represented by subsets of the behavioral models (elements of UML diagrams). In this manner, requirements and tests can be mapped to in-progress features, facilitating the monitoring of the development progress and the test completeness.

    This session presents an approach and the implementation details for merging modeling, test management and project tracking tools in a comprehensive solution.