Presentation Abstract

Transitioning from UPDM to UAF

  • Speaker: Aurelijus Morkevicius, PhD - No Magic, Inc.
  • When: Day 2 : Monday May 21st
  • Architecture frameworks continue to evolve. Taking industry demand into account and addressing changing landscape of defense architecture frameworks, in September of 2013, a Request for Proposal for UPDM 3.0 (later renamed to UAF) was created. Since the issue of RFP, UPDM 3.0 group identified the list of requirements. To name a few: support of Security Domain, Human Systems Integration, Support of SoS Life Cycle Processes and Analyses. Since then four years past and a brand new UAF 1.0 became an official OMG standard. What this new AF is all about? How is it different from other AFs? Is it just a synthesis of a legacies? Or is it a modern technology combining the best practices of an old with a new and modern?

    This presentation explores UAF, answering the fundamental questions above and putting a specific focus to answer the questions below:

    1. Is UAF a replacement for DoDAF?
    2. What is transition path from UPDM to UAF?
    3. How UAF can leverage use of DoDAF?