Presentation Abstract

Using the Alf Action Language with Cameo Simulation Toolkit - Part 2

  • Speaker: Ed Seidewitz - Technology Consultant
  • When: Day 4 : Wednesday May 23rd
  • Alf is a textual language with a familiar Java-like syntax, but it is designed specifically to be used in the context of graphical, executable UML and SysML models. You can now use Alf in Cameo Simulation Toolkit (v18.5 and v19.0) to write expressions and behaviors that work seamlessly within the context of your overall model. If you attended “Using the Alf Language, Part 1” on Sunday (or the Alf tutorial at NMWS 2017), then this session will pick up where that left off. It will cover using Alf in activity diagrams, for concurrency modeling and with SysML models (available in CST v19.0). You will learn that Alf not only fully integrates with UML, but it provides built-in model-level capabilities beyond anything you will find in a typical programming or scripting language!