Presentation Abstract

Using Unified Architecture Framework Profile (UAF-P) for Fault Tree Analysis

  • Speaker: Mary Tolbert - MITRE, and Tamara Hambrick, Madeline Zimmerman, & Erin O'Brien - Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
  • When: Day 1 : Sunday May 20th
  • This session will introduce a modeling method for the refinement of a current Unified Architecture Framework Profile (UAFP) based model with a focus on Fault Tree Analysis. Successful Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) implementation that includes security considerations allow for early risk identification and system performance anomalies prior to implementation. By utilizing the Safety and Reliability Analyzer for Fault Tree Analysis and extending the current UAFP, system security assurances can be analyzed to create fit for purpose UAFP views. Capturing security states in a system model can expose changes to security assurances. Exposure to critical elements and their behavioral changes in Confidentiality, Integrity and Assurance will be discussed.